The Reusable eFuse ICs for Power Supply Line Protection TCKE805NA and TCKE805NL Toshiba Electronics

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The new eFuse ICs (TCKE805NA and TCKE805NL) from TCKE8xx Series by Toshiba Electronics eFuse ICs. These eFuse ICs overcome one of the biggest hurdles of the conventional glass tube fuses and chip fuses by offering reusable ability. The conventional fuses need to be replaced once they are broken, but the eFuse IC products use their own circuitry to shut down the circuit when there is an occurrence of abnormality and can be reset and reused. The usage of eFuse ICs also eliminates the complex circuit designs by eliminating a number of components and helps in developing much simpler circuits with fewer components within a smaller space.

Features of TCK8xx Series

  1. Operates at an input voltage range of 4.4 to 18V and output current of 0 to 5.0A
  2. Typical ON resistance is 28mΩ
  3. Overcurrent limit accuracy: ±11% @Ta=-40 to +85℃, ILIM=4.38A
  4. High-speed short circuit protection: tFastOffDly=150ns (Typ.) @Ta=-40 to +85℃
  5. The fuses will either have a latched or Auto-retry recovery operation

The TCKE8xx series offers highly robust protection against overcurrent and overvoltage with a high accuracy rate than the conventional fuses because of their current clamp and voltage clamp ability. They can protect circuits and maintain power supply by clamping voltage and current at specified values, even when excess over-current or over-voltage is applied. Their over temperature and short circuit protection ability will be protecting the circuits by instantly shutting off the circuits when there is an extreme overheating or short-circuiting.

These eFuse ICs help in the protection of electronic equipment such as Servers, SSDs, laptop PCs, game consoles and augmented reality and virtual reality equipment and all the other equipment that need to handle increasingly higher withstand voltages and current in recent years with the help of all these features . The product line up provides two types of products an auto-retry type that allows the eFuse to automatically recover the circuit itself, and a latch-type that is recovered by an external signal, the consumers can select the best one that suits their requirements.

Visit the product page on the official website of Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation for more details about TCKE805NA and TCKE805NL.


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