The New VE-Trac Power Integrated Modules (PIMs) to Boost Thermal and Electrical Performance for Automotive and Traction Inverters

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First two devices from its new VE-Trac family of power modules for high voltage automotive traction inverters which was released by ON Semiconductor. These two power integrated modules (PIM) deliver a better electrical and thermal performance along with scalability and automotive reliability to the growing market of traction inverters. These devices are best suitable for the main Trac inverters in all types of electrically powered vehicles like battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and full hybrid vehicles (HEV). With the release of these two devices ON Semiconductor enables two traction inverter design platforms, namely VE-Trac Dual and VE-Trac Direct.

The module is rated to 750V at 800A, which is two times the capacity of the current competitive devices. The smart IGBT in the module provides fast reaction timing for the integrated over-current and over-temperature protection. VE-Trac Dual comprises of Dual Side Cool (DSC) half-bridge modules that are stackable and scalable within a compact footprint for traction applications. The first released VE-Trac Dual device is the NVG800A75L4DSC, the best solution for traction inverter applications ranging from 80kW to 300kW.

Features of VE-Trac Dual (NVG800A75L4DSC)

  1. Half-bridge dual-side cooling
  2. Ultra-low stray inductance
  3. AQG324 Qualified FS4 750V Narrow Mesa IGBT
  4. Smart On-Chip current and temperature sensor
  5. Wirebond-free structure
  6. Tj_max = 175°C continuous operation
  7. Low VCESAT and Switching losses

The VE-Trac Direct platform, NVG820S75L4SPB delivers better performance and benefits like direct cooling for excellent thermal performance. The AQG324 qualified device is housed in a six-pack configuration, which is widely recognized and adopted by automotive OEMs and system providers.

Features of VE-Trac Direct (NVG820S75L4SPB)

  1. Multi-sourcing is achieved with minimum layout changes.
  2. Available in multi-power classes
  3. Allows simple and rapid scaling of power for different vehicle platforms and applications.
  4. Automotive isolated high-current and high-efficiency IGBT gate driver with internal galvanic isolation, NCD57000.
  5. Film DC-Link capacitor rated up to 500VDC, 500µF.

Both VE-Trac Dual and VE-Trac Direct can operate continuously at junction temperature up to 175°C so that more power can be delivered within the compact footprint. Future devices in the VE-Trac family will include discrete power devices, isolated gate drivers and expanded module solutions, as well as wide bandgap (WBG) devices that will drive performance and expand the portfolio of products available to automotive systems designers.

For more details about the new NVG800A75L4DSC-EVK and NVH820S75L4SPB-EVK VE-Trac evaluation kits, visit the respective product pages on the official website of ON Semiconductor.


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