STMicroelectronics to Showcase and Highlight Semiconductor Solutions for Making Everything Smarter at Electronica 2019 China


STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications announces that it is participating in Electronica 2019 in Shanghai and will be demonstrating its world-class products and solutions aimed at making industrial, automotive, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications smarter and more efficient.

Making Automotive Applications Smarter

Carmakers and their technology suppliers are reshaping mobility platforms and vehicles with the development of assisted and autonomous driving and the shift to more efficient and higher performing hybrid and electric power technologies. A leading provider of technology and solutions for the automotive industry, ST will be showing a broad range of technology solutions and demonstrations for both traditional automotive applications and cutting-edge technologies for next-generation automotive platforms.

In the Smart Driving area, a demo car will showcase ST’s technology and product demonstrations for all key automotive subsystems, Telematics and Infotainment, and Powertrain covering ADAS and Electro-Mobility, Body and Convenience, and Chassis and Safety.

ST will also show a range of its leading discrete technologies addressing Electric Vehicles (EVs), with a wall demonstrating an On-Board-Charger (OBC), an Aircon Inverter System, an Auxiliary DC-DC Converter, a Battery Management System, and a Traction Inverter for EV applications.
Other demomonstations include ST’s new-generation imaging sensor for an in-cabin driver-monitoring system and ST and partner demos addressing precise vehicle positioning.

Making Industrial Applications Smarter

Smart industry initiatives are driving machines, factories, and workplaces to become more connected, reliability, intelligent, and aware for greater efficiency and security. ST has the key technology building blocks and expertise required to help its customers overcome their technical challenges with leading-edge products or complete system solutions.

In the Industrial area, ST will showcase its leading industrial technologies addressing Condition Security and Connectivity, Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence, Motion Control, and Power and Drive.

The company will feature Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance through a vibration-analysis demo with an inertial and environmental sensors node and connected via IO-Link to detect the status of the motor to predict possible failures. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another highlight of the Industrial area. STM32Cube, AI is a software tool, which optimizes DNNs (Deep Neural Networks) for a microcontroller. It takes the pretrained neural network model output from a broad range of the most popular AI frameworks, and maps it to an optimized DNN that is adapted to the memory and processing-power capabilities of a target STM32 microcontroller.

ST will also demonstrate a range of Security and Connectivity technologies including an STM32WB-based smart-lock demo with Alibaba ID2, the IoT security service from Alibaba integrated in the STM32WB MCU, and other demos including an ST54 wearable NFC mobile payment solution and Presence demo for laptop user detection.
ST demos will also include a 3D printer based on the STSPIN820 motor-control IC offering smoothness and silence in Motion Control and Power and Drive. Panels for the STSPIN product family will also be on display.

Making IoT Applications Smarter

The IoT is opening the potential for billions of “smart” things to communicate with each other using the nearly ubiquitous Internet Protocol technology. And ST is already at the forefront in this wave of innovation by providing all building blocks to simplify and accelerate the development of Smart Things for the IoT.

In the IoT area, ST will showcase its rich portfolio of technologies and products covering a broad range of scenarios including IoT for Smart Things, IoT for Smart Home and City, Security and Connectivity, and Smart Phones, Tablets, and eReaders.

ST will feature its extensive IoT building blocks based on the STM32G0 microcontroller devices and demo boards; the BlueTile Bluetooth LE-enabled sensor node development kit; a dual-RF module panel; an NB-IoT module; security features on STM32L5 microcontrollers; and NFC tags and modules.
Other ST smart things on display include a wireless microphone, a motion-sensing smart toothbrush, a floor-cleaning robot, a smart POS and locker, a wireless charging solution, and a leveling control for smart lighting or smart speakers.

Technical Conferences

Technical conferences attended/held by ST at Electronica China 2019 will include:

Alexandre DA ROCHA, speaking on “Future Trends in Automotive Electronics” at Automotive Day (2nd Floor Banquet Hall, Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel) on Tuesday, March 19, at 16:30.
Andre TAN, presenting “Function safety and information security based on STM32 in Industrial application” at International Embedded System Innovation Forum (2nd Floor, Room M31 in Hall E5,SNIEC) on Thursday, March 21, at 14:15.

USB Type-C Power Delivery Seminar (Hall E5, SNIEC) jointly organized by ST and Würth Elektronik on Wednesday, March 20, at 13:00.

Other Activities

Other ST activities at Electronica China 2019 will include:
Onsite interaction “Learn STM32G0 to Win NUCLEO Boards” at ST Booth (4108, Hall E4), Wednesday to Friday, March 20-22.

Exhibiting latest Smart Industry applications together with other industry leaders at Planet e Smart Factory Hi-Tech Park (5100, Hall E5) Wednesday to Friday, March 20-22.


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