Powerful and Small 3D Image Sensor for Face Authentication


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The world’s smallest (4.4 x 5.1mm) and also the most powerful 3D image sensor developed with the collective efforts of Infineon Technologies, software and 3D Time of Flight system specialists, pmdtechnologies. The REAL 3 single-chip solution can provide the highest resolution data with low power consumption and it can be incorporated even into the smallest devices with just a few elements.

This technology was previously applied in payment transactions using mobile phones or devices that do not need bank details, bank cards or cashiers and the payment is carried out by using facial recognition. This kind of banking actions and unlocking personal devices with a 3D image requires an extremely reliable and secure image and return transmission of the high-resolution 3D image sensor data. The depth sensor time-of-flight technology enables an accurate 3D image of faces, hand details or objects which is relevant when it must be ensured that the image matches the original.

The Infineon 3D image sensor can implement the above conditions even in extreme lighting conditions such as strong sunlight or in the dark. The chip can also provide additional options for ambitious photos with cameras, for example, with enhanced autofocus, bokeh effect for photo and video, improved resolution in poor lighting conditions and real-time full-3D mapping for authentic augmented reality experiences.

Series production of the new 3D image sensor chip will begin in the middle of 2020. Find out more about REAL3 by visiting the official website of Infineon Technologies.


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