New Board For Pi Coral Environmental Sensor Board

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A new Raspberry Pi product under its Coral brand (previously AIY Projects) released by Google. The Environmental Sensor Board adds a range of sensors and a 128×32 OLED display to the Pi. Coral Environmental Sensor Board provides temperature, light, and humidity sensors, paired with a secure element for IoT applications and also four Grove Connectors included for additional input.

The board is designed to connect securely to Google’s Cloud IoT Core service, enabling you to securely transmit data and perform detailed analysis on it (with Google’s range of ML tools).

Connecting to Google IoT Cloud

The Environmental Sensor Board connects to Google IoT Cloud platform via a Microchip ECC608 crypto chip with Google keys. The board also includes a secure cryptoprocessor with Google keys to enable connectivity with Google Cloud IoT Core services, allowing a secure connection to the device and then collect, process, and analyze the sensor data.

On the board, you’ll find a HDC2010 humidity sensor, OPT3002 ambient light sensor, and BMP280 barometric pressure sensor, along with UART, I2C, and PWM connections. The new board also sports four Grove connectors, enabling you to quickly attach additional components for prototyping without needing to use jumper wires or a soldering iron.

Google has documentation for a couple of Python classes, both of which we’re looking at closely for potential The MagPi tutorials. The first is coral.enviro.board, described as “an interface for all input and output modules”; the second is coral.cloudiot.core, which “manages a connection to Google Cloud IoT Core via MQTT, using a JWT for device authentication.”


  1. Compatible with Raspberry Pi
  2. Ambient light sensor (Texas Instruments OPT3002)
  3. Barometric pressure sensor (Bosch BMP280)
  4. Humidity / temperature sensor (Texas Instruments HDC2010)
  5. Cryptoprocessor (Microchip ATECC608A) with Google keys
  6. 128×32 OLED display
  7. Four Grove connectors:
    1x UART
    1x I2C
    1x PWM
    1x 3.3/5V analog

The Environmental Sensor Board costs around £20.62 / $24.95, which is available now from