Arduino IDE 1.8.11 Newly Released with Reduced Build Time and Improved MAC OS Support


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The new Arduino IDE now provides improved support for MAC OS X, by strictly following the OS X latest recommended security guidelines. In this new release, the serial plotter gets a “send text” button allowing the user to send serial data to the board even while plotting. The community has also mentioned that they have updated AVR core to 1.82 and Wi-Fi Adapter to 0.10.10 and have also improved the sketch build time.

The development team has also made the usual bugfixes and small improvements to the IDE and Builder.

Improvements on the Arduino IDE 1.8.11

  1. GUI of Library and Board Managers have been improved for better accessibility
  2. Serial Plotter does not hang anymore if empty lines are received
  3. Slightly Improved support for themes in Libs and Boards Managers
  4. Pluggable discoveries: runtime.platform.path and runtime.hardware.path are now available as variables
  5. Fix bracket match rectangle on the auto-format

Fix on Arduino Builder

  1. FIX: Allow loading of global user-defined platform.txt
  2. FIX: Fixed nil pointer exception on some rare case with multiple libs
  3. FIX: missed library-detection cache (forcing lib detection on each build)
  4. FIX: Windows: the build folder may reside on a different partition
  5. FIX: Segfault in Arduino-builder with -dump-prefs if no sketch is specified
  6. FIX: Print “multiple libraries found for header.h” message only when it really happens
  7. FIX: Fixed library priorities on some rare circumstances

For more information, and to download the arduino IDE 1.8.11


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