555 Timer Audible Continuity Tester

Continuity Tester

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This is how to make your own home made continuity tester with 555 timer, buzzer and some other components. This is effective in testing for continuity in a wire or in an electrical circuit, it has a buzzer that sounds when continuity is detected. This project is very easy to build and no extra skills required to build it just some basic knowledge in electronics. This 555 timer oscillator sounds a tone when the probes which is been represented with a push button in the circuit diagram.The frequency of the oscillator is determined by the values of R2 and C3 in the circuit diagram.

Circuit Diagram

Continuity Tester
555 Timer Audible Continuity Tester

Materials required:

    1. 555 timer IC.
    2. Buzzer.
    3. 10k variable resistor.
    4. 1K resistor X 2
    5. 47K and 4.7k resistor
    6. 0.002 uF and 1 nF capacitor
    7. 10 uF electrolytic capacitor
    8. A pair of electrical probes
    9. A breadboard.
    10. connecting wires.

Explanation of the Circuit Diagram

To build this project you have to connect the circuit diagram as shown in the schematic, you will use a breadboard or make a PCB of the circuit diagram. The buzzer is connected to the pin 3 of the 555 timer through a 10 uF capacitor.

Note: That the when actually testing the project removes the push button in the circuit diagram a replace it with your electrical probes, the push button is added in the project for simulation purposes.


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